About the New Zealand Transactional Analysis Association

Welcome to the New Zealand Transactional Analysis Association Webpage. 

NZTAA is an incorporated society with members from all over New Zealand and Australia.

The purpose of NZTAA is to advance the theory, methods and principles of transactional analysis (TA) by hosting and/or supporting events and educational opportunities.  NZTAA began officially in 1991 and has flourished due to the commitment of members who volunteer their time to the organisational process and enactment of the vision.

TA is a social psychology and model for understanding human personality, relationships and communication for personal and professional growth and change.

It was first developed by the late Eric Berne MD and over the past four decades Eric Berne's theory has evolved to include the applications of:

developemental TA

NZTAA has a strong partnership with its Australian neighbour the Australian TA Association (ATAA).

The International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), the European Assocation of Transactional Analysis (EATA)  and the Institute of Developmental TA (IDTA) are the other international professional TA organisations.